On-line Individual Training

On-line Individual Training online

On-line Individual Training

* Cost is below

About The Program

On this page you will find the conditions and cost for individual online training with Svetlana. Also you could find how to make a request for it by email.


One exercise is given for 2 weeks. During this time you can send to Svetlana any number of videos for discussion.

The price is $ 30* - Europe, USA, Canada, Australia

The price is RUB 1000* - Russia

*Payment method will be sent to you in the reply letter


Please write us a letter specifying the following information!

In the "Subject" field please write:

- individual online training

In the "Message" field please write:

- the breed

- the dog age

- the dog level of knowledge/experience and yours 

- what you would like to train




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