1st module – “Beginners” with Svetlana Tumanova

1st module – “Beginners” with Svetlana Tumanova

1st module – “Beginners” with Svetlana Tumanova

? First module - “Beginners” ?

with Svetlana Tumanova

At this module you will learn the basic distance foundation exercises through the tunnel games which will help you to start your Distance handling style journey!

you will be add to the secret FB group where you can:
       ✔️ask any question about exercises
       ✔️ upload your videos
       ✔️ communicate with other participants

8 exercises + 1 bonus
      ✔️ you need only TUNNELS
      ✔️ one bar for the bonus exercise

 This course is suitable for dogs of:
      ✔️ ANY age
      ✔️ ANY training EXPERIENCE

 After this module your dog:
      ✔️ learn to minimum sending forward
      ✔️ get used to that handler can stand on one place
      ✔️ get used to handle only with the voice commands


  1. 1/1 - "The dog see the tunnel for the first time"

  2. 1/2 - Tunnel and Remote Control Machine

  3. 2nd exercise -"Turns to the right and left"

  4. 3rd exercise - "Two straight tunnels"

  5. 4th exercise - "Two tunnels"

  6. 5th exercise - "The far entrance of the tunnel"

  7. 6th exercise - "Turns from the tunnel"

  8. 7th exercise - "The opposite side turn from the handler"

  9. 8th exercise - "Practice the acquired skills"

  10. *Bonus exercise - "The obstacle - beginning"

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